Green Tag

It is our passion for nature that has always pushed us to create high quality products. And it is our love for the environment that drives us to offer useful tools for daily life respecting the planet. To ensure a better future for future generations.

This is why we have created GreenTag, the new line of sustainable products based on a process of plastic re-use and recycling:

at least 60% of the material they are created with derives from differentiated collection, which reduces waste and eliminates atmospheric emissions.

We produce durable and durable items with a timeless design not only because it is part of our DNA, but because we want to make them practically eternal, in all senses: products and packaging are 100% recyclable so, at the end of the normal life cycle , everything can take new shape.

But for us sustainability is even more. It is a vision that becomes reality.

Not only is the water we use not contaminated in any way, but no product has an impact on the air we breathe, because no polluting gas or smoke is emitted.
From LED lighting to transport systems, up to our production chain: we invest every day to optimize our production, logistics and management processes with a view to environmental and social sustainability.