Take your house
and make it home.

Inside each Blim products you can find all the know-how by VECA, which since 1988 produces quality plastic articles.

Our experience for the pleasure of your home living.

We value quality, to make safer and more pleasant your living.

Home accessories, bathroom items, kitchen tools: all Blim lines are designed with the aim of improving the way in which we live daily household spaces.

To achieve these results we continually raise our production standards, without reducing the attention towards man and environment, favoring the use of non-toxic, recyclable and eco-friendly.

We put our ideas into the field and shape them following the example of nature. To get objects with a unique and contemporary style.

In our creative process the environment in which we live becomes a source of continuous inspiration to give life to extremely functional products, with ergonomic and innovative lines, where aesthetics blend with simplicity and intended use.

Every daily gesture takes on a special value for us. Because we know that simplest things are to make life better.

The passion we put into all our projects encourages us to look for new meanings in forms, discover new functions for objects and reinterpret their methods of use. This is why we keep every day the children’s amazement in front of every product and keep our curiosity and the desire to reinvent ourselves.

Blim is a brand